Thursday, August 06, 2015

Math Is Hard

From Album4
So is history, even when it's personal history...if you're Rick Perry.


  1. Now that is absolutely POTUS material. Amazing actually. Most politicians overstate their supposed accomplishments. This Texas idiot understates his actual time as governor. Hey, maybe there is something about those years he lopped off that need some detailed investigation. I bet lil Booby would never do anything like that. No doubt he still brags about the exorcism he participated in back in his college days. Oh, and how he balanced the state budget every year as governor of Louisiana, never raised taxes, not on the rich any what, and how he got rid of so much supposed dead wood in the form of unnecessary state workers and upgraded (oh really?) health care and education in this state. No doubt the sane people who still live in Louisiana would wish they ole up in the morning and found that the time of Jindal as governor was just a very, very bad dream.
    Oh, that obnoxious woman who keeps begging for bucks every LPB pledge time, coming this weekend I bet, has called ex-governor Foster a "Louisiana legend. Well, that kills any hope LPB ever had of me donating to them. Foster is the damn moron who gave us Jindal in the first place. Legend? More like criminal for that alone. What kind of governor was Foster any way? Hell, so many former governors of this state end up doing serious jail time, how come he is walking around free? Yes, I am being some what sarcastic, but also a bit serious.
    No offense meant, but it has been over 105 heat index and getting hotter according to the forecast also my arthritis is really bothering me this week. Oh well, and so it goes.
    No, I didn't watch the clown show/debates. I have a rule, no Faux Noise except the few times that Fox Sports 1 or 2 show a decent motor race. Who was the moderator, Bill O? Hannity?
    Also, I'd have probably come close to busting the TV set and that would really piss off the wife.

  2. Well, I watched to the extent I could stand the lies and nonsense...hey, just like Ms. Courtney (I think that might be who you're referring to, i.e., the LPB person -- she and husband Bob are real pieces of work...and I mean that in the worst possible way). Anyway...well, missed the kiddle table, just as well. It looks like they did everything they could to hand the "victory" to Fiorina, and we know why.

    PBJ is strictly auditioning for a cabinet or think tank position. That's it, which is why he could blatantly advocate something totally illegal, i.e., go after Planned Parenthood with executive branch apparatus (IRS, etc.). I think he did this in the spin room after the clown show, but what the hell, it doesn't matter anyway, since he won't win. Cabinet position would be almost as disastrous, since that would mean a Rethug admin...

    And yeah, it was a hot day today -- took some time from work to do a few things, and the car a/c barely kept pace. There's a digital thermometer on the dash, and it got up to 101, even while in motion. So, did my thing and got back inside. Thank heavens the catch pan is still ok on the home a/c, knock on wood. Last year I had to run into the attic and readjust it during a smaller heat wave, as it was leaking. And the attic is...unpleasant at any time, but especially in the summer. Well, put that on the list, too -- one day I'll at least make it somewhat easy to move about up there...but not during the heat wave.

    Have a good weekend up there...