Monday, August 03, 2015

And They're Off!

From Album 5
So Ed Kilgore thinks this is the beginning of the end for ... Rick Perry. And Rand Paul can't get any love from the Kochs...but there's still a bottomless cesspool of stupid on that side...


  1. Well, I like how Mr. Kilgore ends his article with his comments about Herr Jindal. Aww, poor lil' Booby. Always only allowed at the kiddie table, never gets to sit with the adults. Poor lil' feller. Of course that all was meant to be very, very sarcastic. Oh, and if it came across as mean spirited, well even better. Told you, I do have a nasty side……(smirk).
    As for lil' Rand, well, did he really, deeply, in his own heart really, think(?? does he actually??) that he was POTUS material? Honestly? That means his ego must be as pare, if not larger than that of lil' Booby. Good grief, how can those two be allowed, physically (you know real science like) occupy the same country? IS the US of A big enough for both of them to live in the same country? Wow. I know the lower 48 is a rather huge area, but to be able to hold both those egos and also that of the Donald all at one time! Man, old Putin must be soooo envious……..NOT.
    And so many of our fellow citizens wonder why the rest of the world looks at this country and falls down laughing, that is those who are not being droned to death or invaded/occupied or bombed by the US military/CIA/NSA/EU/NATO/mercenaries employed by the foregoing.
    Ah the four year follies are about to start getting down to semi brass tacks. Man, the election is still over one full year away.
    Well, stay cool and have a great week young fella. Hi to Tigger and an extra ear rub for him.
    p.s. I added an extra comment to the Friday post this evening. Our animal friends ARE like family members. All the cats who shared my life were like my kids. They just never asked to borrow money, my truck, or came home drunk after curfew. Those who do not share their lives with animals can never understand the bonds that develop. Well, that, to me, makes them the sorrier for the loss and what they will never know.

  2. Well, very cool story about Walter Kronkat. Yes, they're mighty good pals. I like dogs as well, but don't have the space and time for canine care. A good friend recently had to say goodbye to his two dogs, both of whom made it to canine old age. Several years ago I briefly looked after them...

    Well, old PBJ and Slick Rick are officially out...or at least consigned to the kid's table until they finally heed the call of reality. No tears from me, obviously. As to the in crowd, wow...they're really scraping the bottom, but...sadly, enough folks are crazy enough to believe the nonsense, in part thanks to the Kochs, the media, and so on.

    But...I still have modest hope. Have to -- it's my nature, I guess.

    Anyway, on to Tigger time. Plus I've only got a few days left to finish reading the Rick Perlstein e-book I "borrowed" from the EBR library. I might be able to renew it, but can't count on that, so it'll occupy my time...that said, I really like the e-media offerings of ye olde library...still the best deal in town, and now it's a quick click (if you're inclined, maybe check and see if Rapides has an equivalent. For EBR, the e-book format is something called Overdrive. It lets you download books, movies, and I think audio).

    Take it easy. Sorry today's offering wasn't all that a little tired. I need a vacation, and have been wanting to take one for a while, but am still wrestling with a work it goes.