Friday, August 07, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

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Hiroshima. If you have the time and don't mind reading a somewhat long article, you could do much worse than this.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I read an article at Russia Insider on this subject today. They basically said what I had already read years ago, the real reason for using that vile thing, Ike called it something like that, was to impress Stalin. The article at that site also stated that the defeat by the Soviet Army of the massive Japanese Army in northeastern China in August 1945, about the time the A-bomb was dropped, was another reason for the surrender by the emperor.
    My own view is that there was no real military reason to use that damn thing. Japan was basically defeated by August 1945 and close to surrender, but NOT an unconditional surrender like the Germans did. Japan wanted to keep the emperor and they ended up being allowed to do so. OK, then why in hell was that disgusting damn thing used? To impress uncle Joe? Possibly, but we will probably never know. All those who were involved in the decision are long dead and I'd bet their papers, if they kept any about the use of that bomb were destroyed long ago.
    One theory was that it was a science experiment as the US science people had no idea what would become of any survivors of a nuclear bomb explosion. Well, as bad as that sounds, and it does sound very bad, the Japanese and Germans did some very, very nasty experiments on humans during WW2. That is NOT an excuse for the US science folks, but it is a possible reason for using that damn thing.
    My one wish for all humanity is that none of those vile things are ever used again, ever.
    On your home a/c unit and the catch pan, try blowing out the drain line. You can get a small air tank at Harbor Freight for a reasonable price. I have had mine for over 20 years. I used it originally for blowing off eraser dust when I was hand coloring black & white photos in my darkroom in SoCal. Beat buying canned air and you can regulate the air pressure on the tank. Fill it for one dollar at a gas station. Yeah, I know, we have to pay for air now days. I am old enough to remember when air AND water were free, oh and full service was standard, you never had to pump your own gas and it only cost about $0.22 for high test/ethyl. IF you were East of the big muddy (Mississippi River) you could get Sunoco 280, I think it was rated at 110 or higher octane. As close to racing gas as you could buy at the local pump.
    When we had some major repairs/upgrades to the house in SoCal, they blocked off the overflow tube for the a/c condenser. We had water on the floor around the a/c furnace enclosure. Had an a/c man fix it with a small reservoir and pump, when the tank got to a certain level, the float triggered the pump and out to the back yard it went. Quite slick and even better than it ever was when new. Probably still working today and I left there in 2000. Wow, 15 years in Louisiana as of this past April. Well, I got here in February of 2000, but didn't buy my first home here until April of that year.
    Sorry for running on so long. Been hurting like hell this week and I get over talkative at times when the pain gets bad, and it has been real bad this week. Ah well, lung doc gets to see me next week.
    Have a great weekend and stay out of the attic until the end of October at least unless it is absolutely required. Too damn hot until then for sure. Worse for you, you are further South than I am.
    Getting restless also, maybe come October I might try to make it to State Capitol Dragway for a Saturday of test and tune or even a race if they have on scheduled. Been too long and then some since my last trip there. I feel the need, the need to shoot more photos of drag cars. Oh, and smell the fuel and burnt rubber.

    Well, here's hoping you and Mr. Tigger have a great weekend.

  2. Luckily, the pan is problems. It's actually a catch pan -- had some work done a number of years ago, and the guy hooked the drain hose directly to the unit and made sure the hose (actually a pvc line) angled downward sufficiently. The pan just catches any excess drips, but they can add up in summer.

    I'm NOT looking forward to the bill this month. some rain today, so things are a little cooler.

    You're right about the ultimate reason for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- of course the justification changes over time, the numbers of potential casualties of an invasion go up and up...and up...then there are the apologists who say things like, "but Tokyo sustained higher casualties with conventional bombing," as if that makes it all OK...about all any of that proves is that "god" (quotes intentional, because, you know), anyway, "god" is strictly hands off: how could a self-respecting deity allow that kind of carnage among non-combatants.

    Oddly, as the New Yorker piece points out, the Japanese themselves, at least at the time (it was written in 1946), or at least some of them, had a somewhat fatalistic attitude, i.e., "it couldn't be helped." I think that's changed over time, and good. I saw this weekend a Nagasaki survivor spoke at their memorial and said he was embittered for years, and still somewhat angry...and with good reason. It's not like a teenager (like he was) has much of a say in war making, war mongering, or whatever you want to call it.

    People can be...remarkably cruel.

    On the other hand, you've got to keep some hope. Like in the book The Plague (Albert Camus). Yeah, it's hopeless, but you still can't give in...or at least that's my interpretation of the novel, and I'm inclined to agree. I'll also note I'm pretty lucky to live in my place and time. I might be much more angry and embittered in different circumstances.

    Well, off to stuff here. Another recycled pic today, but...damn, Trump can do everything short of taking a public shit on a US Flag prior to burning it, and his supporters don't seem to care. Well...good: he's a national embarrassment, and if that's what it takes to shame the rest of the party (he's still only polling 20-25 percent), then...again, good. It'll be interesting to see how many would accept him over the alternative. I think I mentioned a week or so ago that Andrew Sullivan supported lunatic Sharon Angle over Harry Reid in 2010 or 2012...that was an abomination...but hey, if they take Trump over Clinton...then Jefferson's line about getting the government we deserve ...