Monday, November 16, 2015

Bigotry Never Rests

From Album 5
And here, the headline says it all, as a friend who sent me the link noted. Just when you think they can't get more perverse, more grotesque...


  1. Jus my personal opinion, but if I were a Syrian refugee, I'd rather take my chances in a leaking boat than live any place where Jindal had any power of any sort. Oh, just FYI, lil' Booby has not very long in office anyway. How many people of this state will be very happy to see him leave? My personal guess is at least 95% of them. Yeah, I know, I did exclude the rich and his personal hangers-on who profited from his kickbacks/bribes/etc..

  2. Well, the same here -- if it was me, I think I'd try Canada...Europe...maybe Australia, if they're taking people. To be sure, there's plenty of racist stupidity in Yurp, but hell, there's plenty right here as well.

    And of course Vitter's riding this one as far as it will take him. Hopefully not to the Governor's Mansion. Hate to say it, but I was relieved Edwards did not display basic humanity and decency on this. IT's too easy to demagogue.

    Otherwise...thanks again for your warm thoughts and kind words re: my boy. I'd change it all in a heartbeat if I could, but I can't, so time to move forward and treasure the memories, and at least I have those. He sure was a good little guy.

    Take it easy.