Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Not With A Bang

From Album 5
...of course, it was always a question of when, not if.


  1. Awww, poor lil' Booby quit? Oh the poor lil' feller must be heart broken. Well, that assumes he has a heart, and not being in any way a part of the medical profession, I am not qualified to say one way or the other about this cretin having or not having a heart. I do see him as a truly heartless SOB of the first order though. That is just my own opinion of course.
    I wanted to make some really sarcastic comment about lil' Booby, but oh well, I haven't had the best of days. The fact that we have had a lot of rain all day long hasn't aided my ill feelings much but arthritis and cool rainy weather never have been the best of pals. Not a big deal, just an explanation as to why my sarcasm may not be at 100%.
    At least one comment at the linked article said, does this now mean he'll try to pretend to actually BE the governor now until he has to vacate the office? Another comment, I really liked it by the way, said that maybe we can be rid of Herr Jindal and diaper Dave on the same day. Now that is a very happy thought.
    Yes, maybe John Bel was a bit harsh with his ad about diaper Dave preferring hookers to vets, but hey, the truth must be made known. Also, the truth IS the truth and it can be painful. Too bad Dave, but you made your bed, now sleep in it. Both my grand dads liked to say that often about those who deserved it. Diaper Dave has earned that comment and then some.
    On a totally different note, given time, you will get past the loss of Mr. Tigger. I have lost more than a few cats in my life. Most of them were over 10 years old. OK Buster was only about 5 when some stray dogs got him when I was living in the woods near Glenmora a few years ago. I have also lost people whom I dearly loved more than words can express. While you never forget and never stop loving those you have loved, some how, after a time, the loss does hurt less.
    You have many good memories of Tigger, and like a song I really like says near the end; memories are like starlight, they go on forever. Nobody can really understand your loss Michael, but some of us have been there and trust me, the pain will lessen in time. Just please do not ever ask me how much time will pass until it hurts less. Like you, I also have many good memories of those I have loved who are no longer here for me to let them know. All I do know is that all those I have loved and lost knew I loved them.
    If you ever want to talk away from the blog, an email or some such, let me know. Take care of yourself young man.

  2. Well...I read that James Carville -- so take it for what it's worth -- actually thinks Booby's graceless exit might have a good effect, if only by accident: he's pulling vital oxygen from Diaper Dave's desperate attempt to ramp the xenophobia up to eleven. I dunno -- maybe. The election is still going to be close, but I'm hoping like hell that people have just made up their minds, and have decided that Vitter's an utter embarrassment. Hell, JBE isn't a savior, but lesser-of-evils is lesser of evils.

    As for making his bed and having to lie in it, haha. I'll just add he made his bed...and paid for it by the hour.

    One negative effect of Booby -- now he's coming back to Loosiana. Damn. Who knows what he'll screw up on the way out.

    Now, and far more important. Thanks again for everything you've said about Tiggs. Oh, I'm still having moments, ups and downs...wondering if I missed noticing anything...but I'm dealing. Sure is a lonely house without him around. Well, I guess if the good times weren't so good, the loss wouldn't hurt so much. If I'm repeating myself, apologies, but I'd really grown attached, and he made it mighty easy to turn inward at a time when it's appropriate to do so. To be sure, the often enough lunacy we observe was...enough to do my little blog here...but I could always count on the little guy to be happily asleep on my lap. That make it all worthwhile.

    Now, to be fair, I lost another cat before Tigger came along, and I miss him, too. But getting Tigger made that loss a little easier to bear. And...at some point in the future, yeah, I don't think Tigger would mind me getting another feline friend. We'll see...but for now, memories...and maybe some travel. I'd put off some travel opportunities -- quite willingly, by the way, and would give that back in a heartbeat -- but since I can't turn back time, I think I'll take a few trips. Small solace, but some.

    And thanks for the offer of email or some such. I'll let you know. Still have the Soapbox bookmarked. And I genuinely appreciate your stopping by this little place and adding your voice.

    Take it easy.