Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tell Us What You Really Think, Donald

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Will he call the special identity papers "classy?"



  1. Trump has really shown what a sack of cow manure he really is with that comment. Just how different would this "plan" of his be from Nazi Germany and the Jews in 1930? Oh, notice he'd employ Kelly. Sure, get old Ray back on the public payroll again. He says security is going to rule. Well, there is an old quote that supposedly dates back to when we declared independence; those who give up up freedom for security/safety, deserve neither. Bets Trump never heard that.
    Hell, doubt it would matter if he had. Probably was asleep then. Or maybe his hairpiece had slipped over his ears.
    Hope you have a good weekend Michael.

  2. A blogger who's a very good Photoshopper -- Driftglass (googling that will return the site) -- turned Trump into Mussolini, with the title "Il Douche." Good. This stuff is really sickening. Not surprising, I guess, but sickening all the same. They're all trying to outdo everyone else with the-sky-is-falling scenarios...

    Meanwhile, a REAL threat -- getting shot by a plain old homegrown nut with a gun -- doesn't even register. And again, I'm not calling for gun bans...

    This morning the governor of Michigan -- Snyder,I think is his name -- was asked on NPR what specific element of the existing screening process (which is pretty extensive) was insufficient. He couldn't name one, and he probably never thought about it until asked. Dingbat. The US is taking in ridiculously small numbers of refugees, especially considering how responsible we are for fucking things up over there in the first place. Hussein and Gaddafi were assholes -- and Assad is too (and still around), but it's not like the alternatives are any better. Welcome to blowback. We reap what's been sowed.

    Just like with Iran. Our meddling in 1953 brought 25 years of foreign policy "success" (well, for us. Not so much for the Iranians.) but now we've had 35 plus years of failure. Idiots.

    Oh, and they say the Mali violence is in part due to terrorists/criminals taking advantage of the chaos in...neighboring Libya.


    Well, thanks for letting me rant a bit.

    A bit emotional today: the Vet School sent a condolence card, and, I didn't know this, but they give you a small memorial, in this case, a plaster imprint of Tigger's paw. A nice gesture, but yeah, it made me emotional for a bit. Again, it'll just take time.

    Let me let you go. Take it easy, have a good weekend as well. Am cautiously optimistic the lesser-of-evils will pull out a win tomorrow...