Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly...

From Album 5
...and assholes gotta be assholes.

I think I've used that title and cliche before. And I think it was about Ted Cruz. But it fits.

The level of insanity from the wingnuts ranks right up there with the ugliness of the Paris attacks. It's like they need each other. Creeps.


  1. Yes, they do seem to have a need to show what prize assholes they are. In a way, calling Cruz an asshole is an insult to assholes. Hey in my experience, nearly 68 years worth, even assholes have a minimum standard of behavior. Cruz is not up to actual asshole standards. Just my personal opinion. I realize I may sound a it prejudice, but what the hell, I am old and cranky. Also very sarcastic and cynical most days. Honestly, the current crop of the elephant gang has really lowered the bar. Yes, just when we were starting to think they could not go any lower, we get this sort of crapola from one of them.
    Well, as I have been saying for decades, just when I think I have seen the absolute low in stupid, some fool comes along and proves me wrong. Thanks for nothing there Cruzer.
    Hope your week goes well Michael. Take care my friend.

  2. And today 47 Democrats parked their spines in the House cloakroom...well, ok, JBE's kind of done the same, but Vitter's so sleazy...I was telling someone I'll give JBE a pass, like Kip Holden got in 2005 when he made some remarks about Katrina evacuees (I think Holden might have been baited into it as well...)...anyway...

    Funny how they were all eager to help the Syrians or the Iraqis when it was a glorious example of wingnut "democracy," after Commander Codpiece G.W. Bush declared victory. They even dipped their fingers in purple ink in honor of an election (Booby J. was one of these folks, if I remember). Now it's all about the fear mongering. Nothing like claiming courageousness means demonizing victims.

    And god but Cruz is ... well, ok, not even an asshole. But he sure is a piece of work. Shit work.

    Well, so much for my not entirely coherent rant.

    As for the week, well, again, day to day, moment to moment. I genuinely appreciate your thoughts. Oh, this will pass, I know. It'll just take some time.