Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Channeling His Inner Curtis LeMay

From Album 6
You know, even George Wallace was somewhat embarrassed by LeMay in 1968...


  1. Wow, old Chris is totally off his rocker. If Adolph had kept to the agreement he signed with uncle Joe and not invaded Russia, all of Europe would have been speaking German these last 70 years. Oh, and there would have been no Normandy landings. Even if Britain had held out, the entire British empire with the US would not have been able to win WW2.
    Russia IS fighting against IS/whatever they call themselves today. An Iranian empire? Seriously?
    The best thing I can say about New Jersey is, I have not ever lived there. Never even visited the state. With clowns like loony Chris running the show, damn glad I never went there.
    Oh, a tens unit is a nerve stimulator device. It helps control pain. Small battery powered one, the one I have any way, and uses self stick-on electrodes/patches to provide stimulation/pain relief. Shaq even advertises an over the counter version made by Icy Hot as I recall. Beats taking strong pain meds for me. I was on relatively high doses of some powerful pain meds for years and they didn't help much. At least I never got hooked on them. I just don't like taking pain meds, aspirin is OK, but those opiates, well, if they work, fine. I knew there had to be alternatives.
    Now I just wait until my doctor gets the report from today and see what, if anything may be done.
    Hope you are doing well. Have a good week Michael. Take care of yourself.

  2. OK, thanks for letting me know what a tens unit is. Interesting. I vaguely remember getting electrical stimulation years ago for hand pain/tendonitis when working as a telephone "operator," which in the 1990s meant data entry drone. My hands hurt like hell. Maybe it was carpal tunnel, but they'd never recommend surgery, so I just took gobs of ibuprofen until learning the possible side effects, which scared me enough to quit...both ibuprofen and that awful (but decent paying, damnit) job.

    As for Syria, the Arab Spring, etc., I'll be honest: I was never much enthused, because, well, it's already a massive mess, and anyone brave or crazy enough to oppose the nutjob psychos we put in place there...was likely to be, well, possibly as bad or worse (i.e., ISIS). There's a document several of my political science professors assigned us to read, and I actually read some of it: NSC 68, written mostly by Paul Nietze or however you spell his name, in the late 1940s. If you've heard of it, sorry to summarize,'s not very pretty at all, but it's honest: at that time, with the Cold War, Nietze basically said the US needed to forget about ideals and pursue power and resources. Hence, the Shah, hence (eventually), Saddam Hussein, the Saudis, the other emirs lording over the various protectorates and emirates, etc.

    Was it right? Nope, not at all. Is it biting us hard in the ass now? Sure is -- by suppressing popular sovereignty we sow the seeds of violent revolution by people who...hate our guts. Imagine that. Oh, and let's add little Israel to the mix, i.e., a thumb in the eye.

    I'm still somewhat hopeful, but...for the remainder of my life, it's gonna be grim. Maybe future generations will be so busy battling climate change they won't have time for petty tribal hatred. Well, probably not, but perhaps they can put a lid on it for a spell. They'll see.

    And Christie's such a turd. Hell, in comparison, LeMay is almost decent...and LeMay freely admitted that, if we'd lost, he would have been tried and convicted of war crimes. Wow -- a war criminal is "better." Well, the bar is so low there it's underground.

    Anyway...hey take it easy. Glad the non-opioids work to some extent. On the other hand, if you do need occasional opioids...well, as I think I mentioned the other day, after my summer accident (busted my lip in a yard work accident) I was given some Vicodins. Man...made me feel 20 years younger. And I didn't get hooked either. Just took one every once in a while, less for the accident, and more just to remember ... how good things used to feel.

    Again, hope things go well.