Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Drink Up

Here are the official rules.

Note: not my photoshopped picture, but one that captures my upcoming mood.


  1. I'll pass on the drinking game. I have not drunk and booze in years. No real need to stop, it just started to not taste as good as it once did. In Vietnam, my best buddy and I drank like it was going out of style. We both said that if we kept it up we'd become alcoholics. Got back to the US and all I could tolerate was beer and an odd glass of wine. Did develop a taste for a shot or three of tequila with beer chaser later on, but then, I just no longer cared for nor do now, the taste of it. Every so often I feel like a beer, even bought a nice bottle of wine about a year ago. Never finished the thing. If I got a six pack, it would end up like the last one I got in 2009, it was summer and after mowing the grass on the one acre property I wanted a nice cold beer. Went to the closest store, 20 minute drive (I did live in the woods then) drank one and the five others were still in my fridge when I moved to an apartment in 2012. Gave it to the guys who helped us move.
    Don't think I can stomach the clown show. Maybe when we get to the primaries I might take more interest. Certainly once the conventions are over and we get on to the general election, it could be worth my time.
    What has helped my win, the tens unit, and lying on the sofa bed watching streaming TV via our new Roku device. Lots of good programs available, Netflix, Hulu, Acorn, You Tube, and many other channels, some even free. We are hooked on British detective shows of late.
    Off for a bone scan tomorrow. Hope to get results some time next week. I don't think I'll have them sooner, need to be read by a radiologist and a report made and sent to my doctor. She is a very good pain management doc and said she will do all she can to help me. She has done the spinal injections that have helped so far, also got me the tens. Whatever it turns out to be, I'll deal with it as best I can. Too late to quit now…….LOL.
    Well, don't drink too much during the 'debate', I used quotes for the term as I still think that the last real political debate was in 1960/ Nixon versus Kennedy in the US.
    Take care and have a good week.

  2. Well, drinking some wine is a pretty routine end to my day -- would prefer, ahem, the closest living relative of the hops plant, but since Loosiana won't allow that any time soon (and I'm way out of the loop re: any contacts), I deal with the grape.

    Am also rather fond of Irish whiskey, but my stomach and liver no longer abide...much. Strictly for holidays.

    But to each their own. Good for Colorado, Washington, and Washington DC (though I think that creepy Republican from Utah showed how little he actually cares for "limited, local government" on that front).

    Oh, I watched the clown show. Didn't follow the rules -- had to work today, and no way would that happen if I had. No surprises, unless anyone's still surprised that the GOP is (still) batshit insane.

    Cool on the Roku. I've got friends who swear by it. My own streaming device is the old laptop and an Amazon TV stick that set me back all of $20 when they offered it to Prime subscribers. But I hear Rokus are damn, damn good. Might add it to the mix, especially if, believe it or not, they have FX. I thoroughly enjoyed the second season of Fargo and even liked Mr. Robot, despite it being really more targeted to a younger audience.

    Anyway...good luck on the scan--not really sure what "the tens" are, but here's hoping that's something good.

    So, back to stuff over here. An evening of librul news (Rachel Maddow) and whatever else makes for background noise.

    Take it easy.