Thursday, December 17, 2015

Exit Stage Left

From Album 6
It's time. Besides, it's not like they're being melted down. Instead, they're no longer going to be officially honored by a city where a large number of people believe, with damn good reason, that they shouldn't be.


  1. Regards the statues/monuments……..better late than not at all. Yeah, store them in some warehouse for a few decades, or longer, than maybe find some out of the way place to display them. It is part of US history so they should not be destroyed, my opinion. History must include the not so good with the good, else it will be false. We should learn from our errors. Slavery was damn stupid. Yes, I know, slavery IS in that vile holly buy-bull and even Jeebus said slaves should obey their masters. One more reason I am not a Christian. I also know slavery predates the buy-bull. Notice that the Romans allowed slaves to buy/earn their freedom. Former slaves could and often did rise to positions of wealth and power back then. In the US, slavery was for life. Well, it was mostly based on the English version of indentured servitude. No way out, except when you died.
    Vicodin? Oh I remember that, took it up to and after the big surgery in 94. Since then, I have been on much more powerful meds. Some made Vicodin act like aspirin. They didn't take much of the pain away, so why take them? Any way, that is how I feel. Others will have different ideas on this. Fine by me, whatever works for each, as long as you don't become dependent on the drugs. Lucky me, I only got really addicted to nicotine.
    Take care Michael. Awaiting the next photo of Tigger.

  2. Oh yeah, put 'em in a museum. Tell us who they were, what they did -- and why -- and why we no longer accept that.

    Understand on the nicotine. Mostly have that behind me...mostly.

    And good old Tigger, may he rest peacefully and painlessly, is there. I like the shot. Brings back memories. Both this tub (claw foot) and the other, modern tub were his if/when he wanted to hop in. I'd put something on a string or even just drop a ping pong ball (or superball) and he'd love it. He especially liked stuff tied to a string stuck between the tub and curtain...something he could...ambush. And he was pretty good at that.

    Pretty good at being a great little guy, too.

    Take it easy, have a good weekend. If it doesn't rain over here, I'll fire up the grill...