Friday, February 19, 2016


Pretty much an average evening in this picture...pretty typical expression, too.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Regards yesterday, thanks to your sister then. It is a damn good line no matter who said it first.
    Great photo. Oh, typical cat look also. That look that says, just let me be, I am not hungry, don't need any ear rubs just now, I'll let you know when your services are required. I cannot even begin to remember the number of times I have seen that look from the many cats who shared their lives with me.
    Hope you don't work too hard this weekend. Yard work is a never ending chore for home owners. Truth be told, I actually do miss not having that chore now days. At least it got me away from the computer for a good while. The cats didn't mind the lawn mower, riding type when I still lived in the country up here, they didn't care for the weed sacker though. Different sound from that two stroke engine that they didn't like much.
    Yes, rain in our forecast for Monday/Tuesday. Figures, I took the car to the car wash Wednesday….LOL. And so it goes……Cheers Michael.

  2. Well...actually managed to get the grass cut, and it was just in time with today's rain. Would be a real chore if I'd waited. As it was, the weeds and leaves (didn't rake this year -- losing Tigger really made me sad and sapped my energy), anyway, the weeds and leaves made an otherwise quick job a little lengthy. The mower would slide right over them, and since it's an old style reel mower, if the wheels don't turn, the blades don't either. Well...took a while, but got it done. Good. Subsequent mowings should be easier.

    What does kind of suck is that normally lawn season begins in March, not February. But hey, global warming is just a myth...even as coastal areas flood far more routinely. Go figure.

    Anyway...yeah, that was Tigger's "look." Then he'd curl up on my lap and sleep soundly. Ah, what a good guy...and it was just so unfair. Well, hope he enjoyed his time with me, because, as I've said, I sure did enjoy pretty much every moment with him.

    Beyond I said, a little busy over here. Bought another little mini-computer (a low end Intel NUC). Used the credit card points from paying for the new furnace. Might as well use them for something worthwhile. Anyway, got everything installed and hooked it to the TV. step: cutting my cable. There's precious little on that you can't stream anyway. So...might even save a little money.

    Otherwise...good luck with the weather. They say it'll be heavy around here...we'll see.

    Take it easy.