Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jeb!, The Tribe Has Spoken

And they're saying you're not even the the first choice for -- at best -- third place.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out...


  1. Aww, poor Jeb!………….NOT.
    He is very desperate though. When you feel the need to bring W. out of his retirement home (managed care facility) to boost your failing campaign, well, I'd say Jeb! is toast. Burnt toast actually, just tops it in the trash or, if you feel generous/nasty, break it up and toss it in the yard and see if any birds eat it.
    I am certain that Jeb! 'knew' his just declaring he was running for the nomination would guarantee he got it. After all, his last name IS Bush and we have had tow members of his family occupy that house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. in our life times. Why he was positively going to be handed the elephant gang nomination just because, well, he is a Bush brother/son. Now in this he isn't all that different from Hi-Larry, she knows, just as Jeb! knew, that just telling us she is running was all she needed to do. Oh my, Bernie didn't get that email. Maybe it was not on her personal email server, unlike so many supposedly classified emails are/were. Yes, I am picking on her, she acts like she is the queen for crap sake. Bernie is no saint, but is miles better than Hi-Larry.
    Yes, she will probably get the nomination for the donkey gang, but I won't give her my vote. I assume the Greens will be on our ballot, that is where my vote will likely go if Bernie fails to get the nomination. Probably a better choice any way. I know, the Greens have almost as much chance of winning as a snowball has of getting out whole from a 500 degree oven after an hour inside. Still, I cannot in good conscience vote for either wing of the war party. Sorry, no animals get my vote. Well, If there were a cat party, but that isn't going to happen, life would be so much fun then. Imagine, chasing strings, sleeping the day away in the sunshine, until you were nice and warm, then off to a cool place for a nap, then eat a bit, use the sand box, the sleep again until you find some other "toy" to play with.
    Oh, it may be decades until the Jindalization of this state is finally overcome, if it happens that soon. It may actually take three generations or more to get past his crap that he dumped on this state. I could see him doing hard time, with various war criminals, making little rocks from big rocks, for life, not a prayer of parole/pardon ever.
    I'll stop now as I am getting very worked up and this could easily turn into a long winded rant.
    Hope your week is going OK. We look to have decent weather until next Monday, rain is in out forecast then, subject to change before the weekend of course.
    Take care and thanks for all you do Michael.

  2. Over here a friend thinks the same re: the general election. Since whatever clown emerges from the GOP clown car is likely to take the state runningaway, he's going to vote for the Green candidate. I'll hold my nose and vote lesser of evils...and do the same for the Senate race (Fayard -- don't know if that's spelled right -- announced recently, and, well, why not? She got my vote for Lt. Governor in 2011).

    Agree on a cat being the better choice, but without one running this cycle...oh, if they ever evolved opposable thumbs...guess we'd have to settle for cat food).

    Otherwise...looks like decent enough weather through the weekend, but I'm wondering if I need to get a head start on yard season. Weeds are already starting to come up out of cracks in the walkway. They're also encroaching from the edge. Sigh: a never ending chore. Well, at least I'm set for food for a while. Cooked gumbo and grilled over last weekend. Most went straight to the freezer. Beats having to come up with something new every night.

    As for Jeb! --hahaha--in my head I'm paraphrasing the line from Pulp Fiction. Bruce Willis says it -- which is unfortunate since he's a bit of a wingnut himself, but it fits. "Zed's dead." Well, it rhymes at least: "Jeb!'s dead." Politically speaking. On that note, came across a quick comment re: Scalia. Now's a perfect time for Clarence Thomas to do what he usually does and follow Scalia's lead. Yep.

    Take it easy.