Thursday, February 18, 2016

Your Liberal Media

So liberal that the most liberal news channel of all, MSNBC, basically ran a one hour Donald Trump infomercial. And no, your retinas will never recover.

On the bright side, it got MSNBC-like ratings...and I say that as a regular viewer or Rachel Maddow, who I appreciate...very much.


  1. Michael, while I am still smiling about your Scalia/Thomas comment, it did take me aback for a second or so. I didn't realize you could be nearly as nasty as I am at times. Damn good comment by the way,if only he would do so, and wish he'd be darn quick about doing so.
    Well, Trump and "morning" Joe are not among my top 1,000,000 list as is, so I didn't catch their show either. Looks like I was not alone in that, the second link above shows that MSNBC came in third in ratings for that time slot. As dig by said, most Trump loyalists probably didn't know he was going to be on MSNBC, but I'd also add that most Trump loyalists have that station blocked out on their TV sets. Can't stand them 'liberal' folks at MSNBC.
    As to the other link, I still have a question that has never been answered, at least I never heard one; why in hell do they have that Mika on the TV? She never seems to add anything worth while any time I have had the misfortune to catch the "morning" Joe circus.
    I did scroll down a bit on that Esquire page and enjoyed the take on how South Carolina may be the final nail in the coffin, we can hope, for the Bush clan in our politics.
    And the Trump circus just keeps rolling on and on. I also enjoyed the comment about lil' Marco being a "bag of feathers". Yep, a real lite weight for sure. 'Merikkka, what a country. 2016, what an election year!
    Take care Michael.

  2. Well, you know the answer re: Ms. Brzezinski -- she's strictly there for the visuals. Actually, I expect she's no worse than Scarborough, but I don't watch the show, and was only half paying attention to the travesty that was Trump's "Town Hall"...that title/description really pisses me off. Actual town meetings don't function like that at all. If I remember, the whole sorry spectacle was born out of Ted Koppel on Nightline, and I think of Koppel as all ego, and astonishingly scant substance. But...damn, I digressed. Actually The Rude Pundit has made reference to Brzezinski as eye-candy for the mid-life crisis types, though in of course much more colorful language.

    As for Rubio, I'm surprised he doesn't have tethers and handlers to keep him from floating into the sky. He's surprisingly light for such a classic waterboy. Or should I say waterbot? Well...what's weird is that, best as I can tell, all this is to keep otherwise unemployable "journalists," if they can even be called that, in sufficient expense money to fund diners and hotels on the campaign trail...and other than campaigning, I can't think of many reasons to go to Iowa or New Hampshire in January, or South Carolina at any time.

    Anyway...looks like tomorrow is a chore day, probably including at least a bit of yard maintenance. So it goes. And then rain to start the week. Oh well.

    Hope your own weekend is good up there. And you can thank my sister for the line about Scalia and Thomas...well, not her original line, but that's where I got it from.

    Take it easy.