Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Just This Once...

Wow, guess the law of averages applies -- Trump actually made sense. Oh, he's still a raving, narcissistic, egotistic lunatic, who, in a sane world, would be laughed off any and every debate stage...but, then again, so would every other GOP, um, candidate, for lack of a better term.


  1. Well, much of what Trump said is true. He is still an arrogant, self centered clown, but he did state some facts. Funny how so many politicians, either of the two wings of the war party (elephant or donkey) despise facts/truth. I'd almost go so far as to say that facts are to our US politicians like garlic is supposedly frightening to vampires. To call that last "debate" in South Carolina a debate is sick. I know our language, American English, has been bastardized beyond belief, but that was more like a bunch of kindergarten kids fighting over who gets to play in the sandbox first. I have seen a group of two year old kids get along much better that those clowns did. And the "news" critters wonder why so many of us in the US of A have lost interest in politics? Good grief, that last free for all disaster is a prime reason.
    Well, hope your week goes well. Should be nice weather here for w few days.

  2. Oh. this is something...and it's instructive. Trump is almost performance art at this point. But even more amazing: if the Democrats displayed even a fraction of the chaos, the corporate media would already be declaring/anointing/crowning as heir apparent whoever the GOP frontrunner was...assuming you had someone even remotely plausible (I'm thinking Romney, though if Jeb! wasn't an utter stumblebum, he'd likely be good enough). Geez. This is as much a their (the corporate media's) failure as anything. No, it's not as exciting as, whatever you want to call it, the horse race, the bullying/snide remarks, the insider nonsense...but journalists aren't supposed to be part of the show. They're not even the road crew. They're supposed to be, if nothing else, skeptical if not cynical, and able to provide the public with some basic information about how things work. Instead...oh, it just drives me nuts.
    Well...anyway...guess I should be more worried about the clusterfuck here in BR. The Rude Pundit had a good post up about how royally screwed we are down here...thanks to the wingnut mythology that, over and over again, is proven wrong...but never challenged.

    Take it easy.