Thursday, October 21, 2004

Non Issues

Sorry for not posting sooner, but I've been a little busy here at work (also, Blogger wouldn't let me log in until the sixth try), and there's also little that's registered on my outrage meter--well, beyond the usual stuff, which I'll get to in a bit.

However, I just finished reading Chris Suellentripe's (typo deliberate) ridiculous Slate column that follows up on the equally stupid "Kerryisms" they ran this summer (do they still run Kerryisms? I haven't seen any in a while). Yes, Kerry speaks in complex sentences. Some people would even consider that a sign of intelligence.

I don't know--maybe Suellentripe prefers the incoherence of his dog in the race. Watching Bush bark in response to piddling questions is an exercise in national embarrassment.

Then there's the "outrage" over Theresa Heinz Kerry's statement about Laura Bush. Ms. Kerry said, "Well, you know, I don't know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and she has a sparkle in her eye, which is good. But I don't know that she's ever had a real job -- I mean, since she's been grown up. So her experience and her validation comes from important things, but different things."

Ms. Kerry apologized when reminded that Ms. Bush was a librarian and schoolteacher until 1977. Yet Karen Hughes, the female prison guard of the administration, further upbraided Ms. Kerry--because being a mother "is a real job."

Manufactured outrage--yawn.

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