Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Top Ten Conservative Idiots

Democratic Underground had their final debate summary before heading into the stretch run of chronicling conservative idiots. In the interest of ensuring no dilution of the idiot pool, they decided to focus at the top of the slag heap, concentrating on Dubya.

Points of emphasis--check out #3, that is, the non-story about--gasp--Mary Cheney's lesbianism. Hmmm. Short version: Lynne author of lesbian novel Sisters (excerpt: Let us go away together, away from the anger and imperatives of men. We shall find ourselves a secluded bower where they dare not venture. There will be only the two of us, and we shall linger through long afternoons of sweet retirement. In the evenings I shall read to you while you work your cross-stitch in the firelight. And then we shall go to bed, our bed, my dearest girl), is all in a huff--indeed, her face is Rethuglican red because she's in such a snit--because John Kerry mentioned her daughter last week. Kerry, for those who don't remember, suggested that the younger Ms. Cheney likely considers her sexual preference to be essentially innate--unlike GOop'ers Rick Santorum, Jerry Fawell, and Alan Keyes. Indeed, Fawell and Keyes made an example out of Mary Cheney, the former describing her as "errant," the latter using the term "selfish hedonist" (Hey, what's wrong with a little selfish hedonism every now and then?). Lynne has zero shame. If there was true justice in the world, she'd personally get saddled with Halliburton's asbestos debt once Big Time has the Big One, leaving her a pauper. Alas, that'll never happen (the debt, not the Big One for Big Time), so I'll have to simply visualize Lynne Cheney as Bag Lady. But, damn that would be nice.

Also, take a look at #5, the We love--no, hate--no, love Canadian medicine. Yes, that's the initial irony regarding the vaccine debacle. But DU does the research, and discovers that the "personal accountability" administration, which blames England this time, forgot to mention that the firm which produced the contaminated vaccines is an outsourced company. Think about it--if they hadn't gone to the land of tea-drinking limey scum, which happens to have an excellent board of health (the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency), who knows how many contaminated doses would have wound up here.

Then there's point #6--Bush's insistance that he "met" with the Congressional Black Caucus...well, in a manner of speaking, he did--after they showed up at the White House and refused to leave. Bob Schieffer probably represents most of the working press in the sense that I seriously doubt he had any clue as to the particulars of the meeting and how it came about--because he probably has no clue as to issues affecting the black community, and likely couldn't care less. I'll bet Bob is VERY concerned, though, about making sure his dinner reservations are in order for whatever posh Washington restaurant he chooses to head to tonight.

The rest of the list is worth reading as well, so check it out if you've got the time.

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