Tuesday, October 19, 2004

You're Fired

CNN reports that Jon Leiberman, Washington bureau chief for Sinclair Broadcasting, was fired by the company after criticizing their plans to run anti-Kerry propaganda disguised as news:

The Washington bureau chief for a chain of television stations that plans to run a documentary critical of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said Monday he was fired for publicly criticizing the company's decision to air the program.

In an interview published Monday, Jon Leiberman told The Baltimore Sun that Sinclair Broadcast Group's decision to air the 45-minute film as a news program was "biased political propaganda."

Leiberman later told CNN he was fired after the story hit newsstands.

"The reason for my firing was that I relayed what they called proprietary information from an in-house meeting and I divulged it to the media, which is against company policy," he said.

Atrios is following Sinclair's stock price, which is great news for anyone shorting it. Investors, though, might not like it aping the plunge of the Titanic.

Full steam ahead.

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