Thursday, October 21, 2004

Took the Cure

Timshel restored my sense of outrage, linking to this Media Matters page about Mary Landrieu's appearance on Fox News last night.

Since my cable package doesn't have Fox News (and I wouldn't watch it--much--even if it did) I've been relatively innoculated from the slithering globule of infectious pus embodied in the entity known as Sean Hannity. The .wmv file is probably the most I've seen of it. And it makes me glad I don't watch Fox News--my televison would be shattered many times over.

I've not been all that impressed with Landrieu at times, but she absolutely did the right thing last night. Hannity looked and sounded like the disease I assumed him to be, based on what I've read. Check out Timshel's link, and hit Media Matters as well if you want to/have time to do so.

And, if you don't: Thing Hannity berates Senator Landrieu--that's right Sean, it's SENATOR Landrieu--show some respect--because she refuses to take his ridiculous bait regarding whether or not Kerry's mentioning Mary Cheney during the final debate was "appropriate." Landrieu was asked to appear in order to respond to a Cheney "interview" with Hannity--and she said she was going to stick to the topic, which she did. Hannity proceeded to throw a hissy fit.

I'd call Hannity a prick, but that would be insulting to those who've earned being called a prick. Hannity's a weenie.

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