Tuesday, October 19, 2004

On Progress and the Press

ABC News reports on the kidnapping of the Baghdad head of CARE:

Gunmen seized the head of CARE International's operations in Iraq a woman who has worked on behalf of Iraqis for three decades as the British government on Tuesday weighed a politically volatile American request to transfer soldiers to dangerous areas near the capital.

One can only hope that Margaret Hassan will be as lucky as John Martinkus, who was held for 24 hours before being released by militant nationalists.

Why doesn't SOMEONE important make a very public statement asserting that "progress" is NOT people being beheaded? Progress is NOT people being abducted. Progress is NOT bombings EVERY day. Progress is NOT suicide bombers killing people in the getting redder by the day zone. Progress is NOT sending soldiers off on a suicide mission.

Hussein's been overthrown...well, jolly good for, well, um whoever. It certainly hasn't affected ME one iota. Bush, though, crows about it like that alone is worthy of ultimate celebration. Hey, Mr. pResident, here's some news: just because you put your name on the correct line of the test doesn't mean you aced it. You actually have to answer the questions as well.

A genuine newsperson would ask Bush if he'd be willing to personally tell the families of those who've been beheaded that "they're better off." A genuine reporter would ask Bush to explain how "progress" coincides with suicide bombings throughout the country. And, a genuine newsperson wouldn't allow the dauphin to strut around, sneer, or pout when asked an uncomfortable question. I think it was H. L. Menken (note: yeah, it was) who said "the only way a reporter should look at a politician is down." Yet, the press corps fawns over Bush to such an extent that you'd think they were trying to take him to their high school prom.

Forget it, press corps. The guy has a mommy complex.

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