Sunday, August 31, 2008

Continue Evasive Action *

Gustav is weakening a bit, and that's a bit of good news. Scout Prime posted several links, two of which I've been reading extensively, two of which I'll be adding to my list.

Meanwhile, it's watch and wait. Don't know about New Orleans, but it's clear and calm here in BR, just a normal lazy Sunday, except for the fact that the local newspaper is now being delivered, unsolicited, to my door. Good, I guess, although I sure hope they don't try to bill me after the fact.

Let's also keep those affected in Cuba, Jamaica, and the rest of the Caribbean in our thoughts and prayers. Looking at a Yahoo News slide show I was struck not only by the devastation on Cuba, but by how everything seemed otherwise not very different from here. Just as an aside, I've always felt I'd have an intuitive familiarity with Havana based on my experiences visiting New Orleans.

I also see that various Team Bush crooks, beginning at the top of the slag heap with Cheney and the Boy Chimperor himself, have used Gustav as an convenient excuse to bail out of the convention. To be honest, that's probably as politically smart as it is morally and historically gutless...although it would've been even more fitting if they'd stolen away in the dead of night. I assume the McCain maneuvering is designed to make him look 'presidential' ('presidentiness?')...some might claim it's actually a sincere gesture (after all, the Obama campaign is likewise asking people to be ready to assist) but sorry, I've seen enough of the GOP in my lifetime: they make your average three card monte dealer look like the local Community Chest.

Anyway...Let's hope for the best...

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