Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hatches Battened Down, More or Less

Maybe I'll post some pictures tomorrow if conditions allow and I feel motivated...right now we're just getting some of the first rain in Red Stick. There are a few reports of tornadoes associated with the heavier squalls, nothing like that over here...and it'd be nice if it stayed that way.

So, time to settle in with a bottle of Montoya Cab, and watch the reports at least for as long as I've got power. If/when that goes out I've got a small emergency generator (very small, not a gasoline one) that will give me a bit of light and allow me to connect a radio. Again, here's hoping it won't be needed.

One minor issue: like an idiot I didn't think about gasoline until Saturday...generally I drive so little that I only fill the tank about once a month or so. I've got about a half a tank and it's a small car, so here's hoping.

Ack--the Weather Channel guy just said it was going to be much worse than Katrina for those of us here. Unfortunately, he's right: we're on the east side of the storm, and it's going to pass much closer than Rita did in 2005.

Might post more in a bit, provided I don't feel the need to shut things down to avoid power surge damage.

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