Friday, September 05, 2008

Let There Be Light...and How About Some A/C, Too?

My happy dance commenced yesterday at around 6 o'clock or so as the electric lurched to a start at Casa Miguel. There was much rejoicing. Tigger the orange cat didn't quite grasp the reason for my exuberance, at least at first, though by yesterday afternoon the little guy was really dragging in temperatures ranging from the mid to upper 80s.

At this point I don't really care that my internet and cable tv are still out. Simply being able to cook, make a cup of coffee...or do laundry...are reminders that we who choose to live in more or less urban areas depend on the a big old Fuck You to Rethuglicans who make mocking community organizers a central tenet of their mercifully ended hatefest.

And...again, I count my blessings: other cities have or have had it it FAR, FAR worse, and other parts of THIS city/metro region are still sweltering in the dark. Gustav wasn't a simple one day event of convenience for the party of hatred and resentment to present a bit of phony concern. As I noted yesterday at First Draft, it might not have been The Big One, but it certainly was the Plenty Big Enough One.

So, for those of y'all who might not be in or around here, please simply keep us in your thoughts as things slowly return to normal...personally, I keep telling myself that as inconvenient as it's been around here for the past week, it doesn't even compare to New Orleans after the flood...or Baghdad after the invasion. lieu of wringing the neck of anyone who dismisses the plight of those living in places where services we normally take for granted are missing, I'd simply like to put THEM someplace where the power's down for a few days...and let's see how they like it.

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