Monday, September 01, 2008

A.M. Update

I've still got power so I'll note a few things: first, if I'm lucky, maybe the power won't go out at all. New projections have BR outside the hurricane-force winds. Good.

Second, I just saw a local report that suggests there could be overtopping of levees in Lafourche and Terrebone Parishes. I'm also listening to C. Ray on the local news while they're playing WWL footage: looks like there's some overtopping along the Industrial Canal. In addition, a two ships and a barge have broken loose of their moorings, but hasn't caused any damage...yet. UPDATE: The report of ships and barges along the Canal aren't confirmed. I'll post as I find out more.

I didn't quite hear it, but I think they said France St. was impassable (France St. is about two blocks west of the canal)--video footage is clearly showing overtopping, but no breaching for now. Nagin just said they're also worried about the Harvey and West Bank canals. He also reported a fire at Broad at Esplanade and one in Jefferson Parish.

Other than that, not much else. Up here I've noticed a few significant gusts while writing this, and outside there are a lot of small branches and leaves that have blown off the trees. Wish this was the worst of it, but being on the east side...

For the record, landfall was/is at a little town called Cocodrie in Terrebone Parish.

Hmmm...just had quite a wind gust comeing from due east.

OK, I'm gonna make some coffee, and if everything's thawed, I'm going to do some cooking right now before the power goes out.

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