Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fresh Pepper Spray?

Original photo from Athenae at First Draft.

I guess Gustav is off the GOP radar screen now that it's no longer exploitable, and it's back to the regularly scheduled hatefest, with a big dose of police riot on the side. Or so I presume, given the paucity of information, what with the power still down and all.

FYI--it's now been a couple of days. Sigh: I'll be doing a refrigerator/freezer clean out probably this afternoon, and can look forward to another humid evening minus a/c, minus ceiling fans...

But at least I've got running water. My sister, who lives near New Iberia, loses water during power outages because she's not on the city system. Fortunately, she's got a generator.

All in all, I'm still lucky. I'm in my house, and the only damage is the loss of a couple of roof shingles. Compared to NOLA 2005 or even NOLA now...well, I don't think there IS a comparison. Just like there's really no comparision between the major parties' candidates for high office.

Again, I'll be light on posting today--for the record, I'm at my office: I'm the closest one of my colleagues to work, distance-wise, and volunteered. Besides, I can recharge the things that need charging, plus I've got internet. Still...all the fallen trees make for an adventurous drive, and not in a good way.

Back in a bit.

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