Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Heavens to Betsy

This picture of my neighborhood doesn't really give you a feel for things, but this was no small storm. My neighbor had two large trees fall on his fence, effectively obliterating it...and making me double glad I got rid of some large trees earlier this summer that were angled towards my own house.

The local news reports say it was the equivalent or worse than Hurricane Betsy, which followed a roughly similar track...I think. I'm still catching up over here (at the office in case they need me, plus I can access the internet and recharge things, not that the phone's working anyway.)

Yes, it was a big storm, but all things considered, we're pretty lucky: no federal flood like NOLA, and any complaints about electricity, at least from me, are tempered when I consider what it's like in, say, Baghdad. In comparision, I'm VERY lucky.

The worst is over here, although we've still got rain in the area, plus lots of tree limbs and assorted debris on the road.

Back in a bit.

Update: Today's Advocate has an online .pdf edition with some photographs of the damage around here. Link. Pages A6 and A7 have photographs.

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