Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Cheney: Inadequate Military Supplies, Needless Deaths of US Soliders and Iraqi Civilians, Chaos in Iraq, Resurgence of Al Qaueda="Nuances"

Cheney quoted on CNN: "Whatever nuances [Kerry] might fault us for neglecting, it is not an impressive record for someone who aspires to become commander in chief in this time of testing for our country."

Nuances. That's what Cheney thinks about the fuck-ups in Iraq and Afghanistan that he and his sock puppet Bush are responsible for. Nuances. Twenty eight people killed (and counting) in the latest bombing in Baghdad. More nuance. Over 500 US soldiers killed, at least 3,000 wounded, many seriously. To Dick, yet more, uh, yeah--nuance. An economy in tatters, people unable to even find a job, much less qualify for anything resembling decent health care. Ah, just another nuance to neglect.

You know, if Cheney's pacemaker goes on the fritz and he ends up having the big one (the 'big time' big one?), not only will I not give a shit, I might even laugh at the poetic justice. Normally, I wouldn't think ill, personally, of someone with a heart condition. But Dick, pun intended, is a Dick.

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