Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Sort of Like How Union Carbide Handled Bhopal

For Iraqis in Harm's Way, $5,000 and I'm Sorry

Actually, I think the saddest part of the article is this:

Outside the room where the captain was saying he was sorry, a long line of people waited. One was Ayad Bressem, a 12-year-old boy scorched by a cluster bomb. His face is covered by ugly blue freckles. Children call him "Mr. Gunpowder."

"I just want something," the burned boy said.

"Come back later," a guard told him. "You'll get some money. But we're busy."

If you link over to the article, there is a photograph of Bressem. The caption indicates he lost vision in one eye, in addition being physically scarred.

If this kind of injury happened to a child here in the United States, I'll bet there'd be a long line of people personally offering to rip the offending party apart limb by limb.

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