Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Don't Hear Much About THIS Anymore

The Island of Balta links to a letter sent to Buzzflash regarding
"The Flypaper Strategy." Remember THAT gem? By fighting the "terrorists" over in Iraq, we were keeping them tied up in the Middle East, thus making the Western world "safe for democracy."

To be honest, Spain did keep its democracy safe. They held an election in spite of the disgusting act of terrorism, proving to Al Qaeda that the free expression of the people would not be denied by fanatics. Of course, the Republicanidiots like David Brooks wouldn't think twice about canceling a plebiscite--not surprising, considering how Florida's presidential election was essentially cancelled four years ago.

But I digress: The Flypaper Strategy was the first justification after the fact regarding Iraq, when it was clear that the flowers and kisses were to be in short supply in Mesopotamia. But, oh how the neocons and their minions crowed. We were going to entice them turrurists over to Iraq, then kill em all and let Allah sort em out.

But that approach is now nothing more than just another dead fish of a policy--rotting on the dock, stinking up the place, like all the other lies they've been telling us.

Which reminds me: Balta has a good link to a Houston Chronicle Op-Ed by Harvey Rice. It's his personal mea culpa for buying into the myth and drinking the Kool-Aid. Worth reading...

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