Monday, March 15, 2004

Supporting The Troops

CNN actually covers an anti-war demonstration:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- More than 60 people gathered Monday in Washington for a march to the White House, calling for an end to U.S. military action in Iraq.

The protest, the second day of a two-day demonstration against the Bush administration, drew mostly peace activists, along with a few relatives of U.S. troops, organizers said.

Relatives of U.S. troops killed in Iraq gathered Monday outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center for an emotional protest.

The protesters are marching from the hospital, where many wounded troops are treated, to Lafayette Park across Washington's Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House -- a nearly six-mile trek.

How many more soldiers will die in what was ultimately nothing more than neo-con fantasy mixed with re-electioneering posturing? By the way, neither the neo-cons nor Team Bush have gotten what they've wanted. All they can do right now is keep a lid on the coverage, and hope the casuality numbers aren't all that bad. The projection of American Power has actually been the opposite: we're barely in control of what had become the weakest state in the Middle East. And the weight of the misadventure ensures that Dubya will have a lot less of the US Treasury to throw around to the various US States in a traditional election year perogative of largesse...

About the only thing Bush got right is, lo and behold, Iraqis hated Saddam. Duh. But just because they hated him doesn't instantly mean they love us. I don't know...maybe the pResident will crow about being "half right." But half right is also half wrong. In scholastic terms, it doesn't even make a "C" grade. Meanwhile, Bush's policy towards the Israeli/Palestinian peace process is--no policy.

Face it: Bush has Failed. Give him his "F," but don't let him retake the course. This isn't Freshman PoliSci 101. It's the most powerful position in the world. "F" means go home...

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