Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Lying to a National Television Audience? Priceless.

Talking Points Memo provides a link to the latest MoveOn ad. It's nothing more than footage of Donald Rumsfeld getting caught in a lie on Face the Nation.

Marshall precedes his MoveOn post with a note regarding what he calls "the broader issue of disrespect for the people [the Republicans are] communicating with." He says it borders on contempt, but I think it goes way beyond that.

The issue in question regards the lie that John Kerry sought to cut the pay of US military personnel being sent to the Middle East. Not only is that patently NOT TRUE, but what IS TRUE is that Bush sought to do just that--cut pay for servicemen and women who were being sent into battle. Unfuckingbelievable.

The same Bush team ranted about a Kerry bill that was going to make a modest cut 1 percent cut in the National Reconnaisance Office--money which they weren't even using, by the way--and then we find out that the REPUBLICANS passed on the Kerry bill and MADE EVEN LARGER CUTS in the program.

Bush--and the people who support him--are, to be honest, becoming delusional. And that's not political rhetoric--I mean they are genuinely going off the deep end, and trying to drag the country down with them, consequences be damned.

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