Monday, March 15, 2004

Houston, We Have a Problem

When The Virginian Pilot runs an editorial like this, it's a sign that Team Bush can expect choppy waters:

War came first, the evidence second
The Virginian-Pilot
© March 14, 2004

As more tidbits emerge about the workings of pre-war intelligence, it increasingly appears that the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq was a policy in search of a rationale. In the wake of CIA Director George Tenet’s Senate testimony last week, more clues have come to light that the president’s team made up its mind before the facts were in.

The Pilot is one of the more conservative papers in one of the more conservative regions of the country. I remember reading it (but not being aware of the editorial position) as a kid. My father, along with thousands of other servicemen, was stationed in the Norfolk/Hampton Roads/Chesapeake area for several years (dad was a naval aviator). Home of the Atlantic Fleet Headquarters, the region isn't exactly a hotbed of progressive politics.

On the other hand, Timshel found this editorial in Lafayette's local paper (under the heading "Other Opinions"). Published out of Jacksonville, Florida (another stop during my dad's career--in fact, I was born there)--this one falls for Bush like they've got a schoolgirl crush on the guy...

But if I was Bush--or Rove--I'd begin to worry about editorials like the Pilot's. I'd also be worrying about the fact that the Republican Party isn't exactly touting his record--to the contrary, it's been KerryBashing from the outset. This sort of stuff doesn't bode well for the pResident.

Meanwhile, Spain has delivered a resounding non vote on the Iraq war, and as the quagmire continues, even families of military personnel are beginning to ask questions as to why Iraq was such a threat that we ignored Al Qaeda.

And the economy still sucks.

Bush has dug a mighty deep hole--although it's possible he can still spend his way out of it. Otherwise, it's gonna be 86-43-04.

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