Saturday, March 20, 2004

Neocons Versus the World

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It's ironic that the neocons claim to be protecting the world against terrorism, yet blithely ignore the fact that the world neither wants nor appreciates the style of "protection" they offer, namely, turning Armageddon into a self-fulfilling prophecy. The actions of this cabal of shitheads running the government has worldwide ramifications, but they show only contempt for those who could well be affected by the policy of all-war and only-war. Which itself is stupid--all the military might of the United States and whatever other government they can bribe into providing token support cannot and will not eradicate the terrorist threat. However, it stands to reason that said military might will do plenty of killing, thereby playing right into bin Laden's scheme for worldwide jihad.

Bush is bin Laden's biggest ally.

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