Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another Update

Am back at home watching more video--looks like it's I-10 at Causeway Blvd, ground level, and it's at least dry on the highway and right of way. It appears to be a staging area, with large numbers of people, buses, ambulances, and even a few helicopters. The Galleria--which I've previously only known as an oddly shaped glass building in Metairie--had window damage similar to the high rises in the CBD.

People are starting to feel the effects of the heat, the lack of clean water, and so on. Those in the right of way are mostly trying to sit under trees, looking for a little shade. As I said last night, it's still August in New Orleans, and saying the air is thick is an understatement.

Apparently officials are now openly asking folks with boats to help with rescue efforts.

Murph confirms that text messages are getting through to people with 504 numbers, and the Red Cross hotline for people looking for family is (866) 437-4636, with a Baton Rouge number of (225) 925-7500.

Again, you can get online updates here, here, or here, and you can link to streaming video here.

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