Saturday, September 03, 2005

Morning Update

There's an oil slick on the Mississippi River--looks like it might have come from storage tanks in Plaquemines Parish. I guess most people saw or heard about Kanye West's statement last night during the benefit concert. Tulane cancelled the fall semester.

The Red Cross is BANNED from New Orleans, believe it or not.

And now the dauphin is on the air, promising "make it right" this time. There's just something so used-car-salesman-like about Shrubusto...yuks it up with Trent Lott (who has MORE than just one house), praises the utterly incompetent "Brownie," promises to "not let bureaucracy" get in the way...stale.

Bush took no questions.

I dunno--maybe his relief effort is so lethargic because he can't drop bombs on something.

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