Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Another Update

Watched a press conference featuring Gov. Blanco, and Sens. Landrieu and Vitter--they took a helicopter tour of the affected regions and provided some general updates.

First, there were three breaks along secondary levees: one at 17th Street and two along Industrial Canal--the latter is actually relieving pressure on St. Bernard Parish just a bit, because the water was so high there. The former is causing flooding in Lakeview and (maybe) downtown--footage shows ankle to knee deep water along Canal St. (Update: new video shows water on Canal up to car windows) Rampart St. was also beginning to take on water, although Vitter said the Quarter and CBD are still dry.

According to the Pic, Entergy is talking about completely rebuilding the power grid in the metro area, because the damage is so extensive. Also, a FEMA spokesperson, speaking at the press conference noted above, made mention of "long-term" shelters...I hope he doesn't mean "refugee camps," but he specifically said trailers, and I wonder if they might not also mean tents.

Am watching more video now--one part of Central City near Claiborne Ave. looks dry, but a water main broke, and a grocery store was being looted. The West Bank looks dry too, but tree branches, power lines, street signs, etc. are blocking roads.

Just heard that Jean Lafitte island is ok, but no word on Grand Isle. The north part of Plaquemines Parish is relatively ok, but the south part suffered extensive damage.

I'll pass along more news when I get it.

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