Saturday, September 03, 2005

Bouquets and Brickbats

You know the statement--"In the whole scheme of things, sports is...," and I'm not a sports blogger by any stretch of the imagination (Full disclosure: yeah, I watch sports...maybe not as much as I did, say, five or ten years ago, but...)...anyway, I'll damn well give a lot of credit to Peyton and Eli Manning, who not only made significant donations to hurricane relief, but also visited Baton Rouge area shelters, where they spent a LOT of time listening, signing autographs, and so on. Say what you want about sports, but that's a VERY classy gesture--in particular, to some of the young kids I'll bet it was a real treat after a pretty awful week.

And...on the other side of the coin, who else but Tom "Bottom Line" Benson, who's making noise about permanently moving his team--the Saints--to San Antonio. You know what? I personally wouldn't be all that bothered--I watch Saints games on TV, but have never gone to one, and I'm aware the damage to New Orleans will surely push Benson to at least privately consider a move...but to make public noise at this time just reeks of no-class, if you ask me.

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