Friday, September 02, 2005


Unfortunately, I'm NOT making this up: somebody on Channel 9--didn't catch his name, but one of the anchors reverentially referred to him as a "Ph.D. Psychologist" just made one of the more bizarre speeches I've heard: he advised people to only watch small bits of the coverage, so as to not get upset; instead, play a game, and to not question our leaders, because they're "doing the best they can," etc. etc.--gag.

Wrong! Most of us CAN'T get to New Orleans--we'll get turned away some twenty miles from the city, and that's probably for the best: the city needs people who are trained in disaster response. Many people, myself included, would get in the way (although I'm still on a list of potential volunteers, and will happily work with people where I can--as noted below, I might be able to help people who are unfamiliar with information technology)...but IF our skills aren't required, our EYES most definitely are: those of us who aren't victims of this tragedy are witnesses to it, and our eyes, ears, and voices bear witness.

To cut close to home for the individual espousing the turning of our eyes away, just before he suggested we all Sunday services this weekend: would he have suggested that witnesses turn their eyes from Golgotha some 2,000 years ago? Would he say, "Turn away from the agony of the crucified Christ, because it will only rouse your anger. Instead, trust Pontius Pilate, who knows what's best, both for Jews and Gentiles."?

To change the subject just a bit: the national feed just showed a woman who was out at I-10 and Causeway for two days--she invited both Bush and Blanco to spend a SINGLE night in the conditions she endured. Should she "turn away?"

More than ever, we need to SEE what's going on--our country is a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, i.e., OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people.

Charlie Melancon is on the air now, talking to idiot egoist Ted Koppel...suddenly Ted's an expert on federalism, citing Posse Comitatus. Fuck Ted Koppel. Melancon is telling the truth--in a crisis, Koppel is worried about filling out forms?

That's as bad as telling people to turn away.

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