Friday, September 02, 2005

Quick Update

Still busy here--apologies...they've also requested that we limit our time watching streaming video, which, to be honest, is good right now, since I'm running a restore operation on one of the servers (i.e., more bandwidth for the restore is a very high priority for me right now)...there's also something of a positive nature on a personal note...I'll maybe explain more about that at a later time.

Anyway, came across this site from the Velvet Rut, after checking the main page--it has the names of NOLA musicians who are safe.

On other fronts, David Vitter isn't all that impressed with FEMA's efforts thus far. People apparently are STILL waiting for buses to take them further than I-10 at Causeway.

Paul Krugman's got a solid op-ed focused on the asleep-at-the-wheel manner in which the storm was handled.

New Orleans Metroblog, Oyster, Jeffrey, and Shawn all have updates. And I'm getting most of my info from here and here--the latter having this fairly recent update:

Margret Miller of D'Iberville, Miss. lost every brick and board to Hurricane Camille... The only item she ever found was her silver platter she found lying in a field. She rebuilt. Hurricane Katrina has now taken every brick and board of her home again. Nothing left at all...except the same silver platter which she again found lying in a field. She plans to rebuild again.

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