Thursday, September 01, 2005


Well, I'd planned for a night out here, but just heard a local report about the possibility that computer geeks might be needed to help at some of the shelters, because we might be able to help folks with text messaging (which is working, despite the lack of regular open lines to 504--and, for that matter 225 numbers)...well, I'm an almost computer geek, so I made my call and put my name in to volunteer. Maybe they'll call, maybe they won't, but I think I'll wait here.

Blanco just made a statement--two things: first, 300 soldiers are going into New Orleans to try to stem the chaotic tide. Second, she ripped Dennis Hastert a new one, demanding an apology. Good. I look forward to hearing it.

Mary Landrieu also had a few things to say to Hastert (hat tip to Murph for that one).

More in a bit.

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