Friday, September 02, 2005


Unfortunately my day just got a lot busier--one of our servers had a problem with antivirus, and a thorough uninstall (antivirus software is notoriously difficult to unintall) resulted in system corruption.

Time to get to work here.

Anyway, got this from my sister, FWIW--it's from Velvet Rut:

a clearer picture of uptown from a tulane student-run board:

neighborhood updates
friday, september 2
by ovis, 9/2/05 0:24 ET

I just spoke with my friend who lives in the Riverbend and he is still
in N.O., at home. He told me:

1)From St Charles to the river is dry
2)There is water starting at about Willow that extends to I-10
3)Oak is dry and he doesn't see excessive looting except people carrying water occasionally, but he says he can't blame them for that
4)Rite Aid at Oak was looted with the help of a forklift which is still stuck in the front door
5)Oak to the river is dry
6)Tchoup is dry til somewhere around Louisiana
7)Jefferson is clear from Oschner West but the other way towards Claiborne has a few feet of water that turns into 4 or 5 feet as you get downtown
8)The water on St Charles starts at about Napoleon and goes north, water is barely lapping at first floors
9)3-3 1/2 feet at Daneel(sp) and Marengo
10)All houses uptown seem repairable
11)Even though there are lots of downed trees and stuff, it's not bad considering the size of the storm
12) He has seen no police or National Guard uptown.
13) The closer you are to the river the better off you are.
14) The old shacks up towards Earhart to the I-10 will need to be leveled.
15)Loyola and Tulane are in pretty good shape
16)My friend has a generator, 30 gallons of gas and says he will not leave until The National Guard arrives and they make him leave. He has enough food for months.

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