Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Day After

Apologies for the late start today--I took advantage of being off work to remain horizontal for a little longer, which did wonders for a lower backache I've had since late last week. My problems, though, are small compared to the what's going on an hour south:

First photo I've seen of Chalmette, in St. Bernard Parish.

Three levee breaks are causing significant flooding--New Orleans Metrobloggers have an update and da Paper evaucated their office. Just saw a photo of a significant breach on the 17th St. Canal--it's pouring water into the Lakeview neighborhood. Mid-City and the CBD are also flooding.

Video from the Northshore shows more tree damage, and lots of folks in BR are without electricity. However, it's a sunny, clear day, and I might wander around, conditions permitting, to get a better feel for the local situation.

Another BIG issue is how evacuees will manage--even if some folks could afford extended stays at hotels, you've got logistical issues, i.e., other reservations, etc.

Ouch--video near the Pearl River/Slidell area shows a badly damaged causeway, and massive flooding/wind damage. Looks like the place got hit by a bomb.

Back in a bit.

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