Wednesday, August 31, 2005

No Good News, Unfortunately

Don't want to make people any more anxious, but the WWL streaming video just mentioned widespread looting--people took a forklift to the metal security door at a Rite Aid drugstore on Carrollton--more looting reported in the Quarter. An official with Jefferson Parish is saying shelters are being overwhelmed, particularly on the West Bank, which is relatively dry.

Supposedly armed gangs are roaming around parts of the city.

Emergency workers siezed food and water from stores to distribute.

Generators ran out of fuel at Charity and University hospitals...and flooding is getting worse in East Jefferson. Half of Slidell is still under water--I think I saw video of this. Water was up to the roofline.

Wish I had ANY good news to pass along, but "good news" is hard to find.

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