Thursday, September 01, 2005

YRHT Has a Few Things to Say

Oyster found time to post, and Shawn has a link to FEMA .pdf files outlining flooded areas. Jeffrey's got recent posts as well.

On the subject of Oyster's latest, I saw where Dennis Hastert, via a spokesperson, is now backtracking on his UNBELIEVABLY CRASS AND STUPID remarks as to whether rebuilding New Orleans would be worth the effort. Nice try, Mr. Pecker, I mean Mr. Speaker, but I think you'd better serve your nation with a public and heartfelt apology...if nothing else, stop and actually use the brain cells you have left: New Orleans, as the biggest port in the nation, no doubt transships large amounts of Illinois agricultural products throughout the world--and brings IN large amounts of crude for transshipment to refineries, producing the fuel needed to operate agricultural machinery...and the fertilizer that grows agricultural products.

I'm sorry, but it really angers me when it becomes evident that a national public official like Dennis Hastert is such a dipshit.

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