Thursday, September 01, 2005


Here in Baton Rouge, we're starting to see some reactions to the evacuee situation, and I've heard that some areas around here have increased police presence. Don't know if this is in response to a particular incident or just a general precaution, but I expect this will become a lot more common around here at BR tries to deal with the large influx of people. We're now the largest city in the state.

For the record, I noticed some of this yesterday and this morning--despite the fact that LSU hasn't reopened, traffic is VERY heavy, AND there's the added bonus that, like a lot of cities this size, Red Stick has a patchwork pattern of road construction that over the recent past seems more a matter of responding to intolerable bottlenecks than long term flow--resulting in headaches for those unfamiliar with such "fixes," and, quite honestly, headaches for those of us who are.

But our problems are still minor compared to those an hour south, and for those who were in NOLA and are now refugees. Saw that YRHT managed to put a quick comment up saying he was ok, Schroeder and Jeffrey have posted recently as has Shawn. YatPundit's site is still down, but I believe I saw a post saying he and his went to Houston before the storm.

Oh, geez: just heard on WWL's streaming feed that a thunderstorm might be heading towards Arabi, 9th Ward, and St. Bernard Parish--the situation in the latter, by the way, is REALLY getting desperate, according to the NOLA blog.

The LAST thing that area needs right now is rain.

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