Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"Just Like Baghdad"

Uh oh. Just heard the first reference to...Iraq on local coverage. They were describing wholesale looting in downtown NOLA and Biloxi. Supposedly someone with an armful of clothes asked a cop if he could borrow the cruiser...unbelievable...and I hope that's just a rumor. Canal Street is starting to flood.

Another reference, this time to the tsunami, is, sadly, right on the money--houses torn up like they were made out of matchsticks, and floodwarters are literally at the roofline. A couple of families are sitting on roofs; the reporters think in the Lower 9th Ward.

Long lines are forming at big box stores selling generators--and any place where you can buy ice.

More footage from east of the city was evidence of how badly the causeway between St. Bernard and St. Tammany was damaged--whole sections are gone--about half of those that aren't slipped badly--a drunken bridge.

If this isn't a wost case scenario--well, I don't want to imagine what WOULD be...

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