Sunday, August 28, 2005


Well, not surprisingly, my training class was cancelled--indeed, everything is cancelled here in Red Stick...we'll see how long the power stays on...

I guess most folks are able to look at the internets or television for latest reports. Here, there's been a bit of rain from some of the outermost squalls, but that's died down for the moment. Traffic on the interstate is a nightmare, of course.

A couple of NOLA television crews came up to BR to broadcast--they're tag teaming with the local news crews...

Damn, the eye looks ugly.

Otherwise, nothing serious--yet. The forecast is saying the worst will begin come morning. 70 mile-an-hour winds here, 135 or more in NOLA.

And, for anyone who feels the need for pessimism, here's something I found in comments at Eschaton.

One other thing right now: my cat is massively pissed off--I brought him in for the evening...

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