Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More Updates

What a difference a day makes...more like what a difference two hours makes...

My friends are ok--more significantly, one friend is a student at LSU Medical School--she left on Thursday (spends weekends with her husband and children here in Baton Rouge)...no word on when she can go back and get the stuff in her dorm room, but Deb is already talking about trying to lobby for holding at least some classes here in BR, considering the circumstances. I think she's got a point.

Unfortunately, the levee break at the 17th St. Canal is starting to cause REAL problems. I've seen or heard reports that if it's not plugged, it could put Uptown and the Quarter completely under water. God I hope not. My friends told me about deaths (possibly suicide) at the dome...but haven't seen any confirmed reports.

Again, the Pic blog has some updates, and the WWL blog has more.

No updates on the riot at Orleans Parish Prison. Also, a police officer was shot in the forehead--he's in surgery...

Looting continues--looks like the police are looking the other way when it comes to food--well, people have to eat.

More when there's more news.

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