Sunday, August 28, 2005

When the Levee Breaks

Got no place to hide...

Trying to evacuate New Orleans.
This one's BIG--Category 5--Baton Rouge will get high winds and rain. If the track pushes slightly eastward, we'll be spared the worst...but with a storm this big, there really isn't a "safe" side.

Just a few clouds now, but tomorrow will be a different story.

Last night, some friends reminisced about Andrew, a direct hit on New Iberia--where my parents live. Mom and Dad's house survived the direct hit with little damage, but it took a couple of days for me to get in touch (I was living up north then). Steve and Debbie weren't so lucky--a pecan tree came crashing down on their house.

Time permitting, I'll try to post a few updates here and there.

Oh--and here's a somewhat amusing sidenote: I'm scheduled for a training class all this coming week. Guess I'll try to see if that's been cancelled.

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